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Posters plastic posters

Posters plastic posters
Canvas plastic posters

Avoid the hassle of gluing your election posters yourself. Get them delivered ready on plastic bord.

Normal delivery time is 5 days, but during the selection it can be up to 3 weeks waiting for the material. Contact us if you want to know more.

  We use heavy duty 5 mm channel plastic for your choice posters.
Normal delivery time 5 days
Quality 5 mm ductile plastic with direct printing or with 170 g of bonded paper.
Environment Polypropylene (PP) which, when burned, is converted to CO2 and water. The CO 2 amount when burning 1 kg. polypropylene, is 900 gr. Lower than normal fuel combustion. Neither the production, use nor disposal of polypropylene (PP) can be associated with significant environmental impact.

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